The Producers

So what is Redefining Waste documentary webseries all about? Well, first let’s give you a snapshot of who the filmmakers are then we can talk about why waste is an important subject to think about.

Meet Shantel, chances are you will find her people watching on a street corner, eating a gluten free muffin, or climbing a mountain somewhere in Colorado. She loves being around people and is an anthropologist at heart. During the waste documentary interviews and filming, she explored these questions,”who’s story is it?,” “who is behind the camera?,” “how can we create a dialogue about waste?,” and “why should people care about waste?.” Not to mention, it’s probably no accident that she spent an entire semester in grad school working with the definition of the word “culture.”

Meet Dave, a digital media content producer, who has developed video and web content for not-for-profit organizations, corporate clients and institutes of higher learning such as Discovery Channel, Harvard University and United Way.  He is passionate about making an impact in communities that he lives. In Boston, he co-developed Reel Vision, a digital filmmaking program in which 100 teens labeled at-risk earned college credit and gained the technical and media literacy skills necessary to advocate for social change.  With over ten years of experience in operations and communications, he has career track developing and overseeing programmatic initiatives, uniting community, and meet time-restraints and budgets.  Serving as both Director of Operations and Executive Director for two non-profits, he has experience managing teams and delivering results in: website development; video production and web streaming; social media, analytics, and SEO; marketing and public relations; membership cultivation; graphic design; grant writing and fundraising; finance; legal; customer service; and human resources.

filming waste documentary with The Junkman in Vermont

Dave filming “The Junkman” in Vermont

Why explore waste and who really cares? 

Waste? documentary webseries is an ongoing series featuring people redefining waste from canners scouring the streets for redeemables; to engineers powering their breweries with waste water; to architects constructing homes out of tires.

“When we started this project, we knew it would be interesting – but that’s an understatement. We met people who convert waste water into fuel, people who make musical instruments from scrap metal, and people who build homes out of used tires. There’s a virtual underground of those who are changing the way we use and repurpose our resources,” commented Dave.