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earthships are homes made out of tires, trash, recycled materials

Earthships are homes made out of waste

Earthships – Taos, NM

Michael Reynolds is an architect, innovator, and founder of Earthships. For more than three decades, he has been using recycled materials to build self-sufficient, off-the-grid housing. When Michael looks at waste, he sees raw materials for sustainable living– structures that might someday shelter large numbers of people. By putting elbow grease behind his vision, Earthships can be found in all fifty states and around the world. He feels that these Earthships are not only homes but symbolic ships that sail on the seas of tomorrow.

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new belgium brewery reuses waste water to create energy

Using waste water from the beer making process to create energy

New Belgium Brewing – Ft. Collins, CO
New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado, is leading the charge in environmental stewardship. Not only do they commit 1% of their sales to environmental causes but they also redefine waste by treating their own waste-water on-site, in large flats powered exclusively by either methane gas derived from waste-water treatment or by wind power. While New Belgium Brewing claims to make “the best beer in the world,” they might just be making the best world by way of their beer.

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patagonia uses recycled materials to make new clothes

Common thread garment recycling program

Patagonia – Ventura, CA
Patagonia is redefining waste through their Common Thread Garment Recycling Program. Customers can bring back their old and worn Patagonia clothes by dropping them off in the “Drop Your Drawers” box at any Patagonia store. These garments are broken down and then transformed into new clothes. Their goal is to make all their clothes recyclable.

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Making music out of junk

Making music out of junk

Junkman – Manchester, VT
Donald Knaack is a conservatory-trained percussionist, composer, and is also known as “The Junkman.” Living and performing in Manchester, Vermont, he embarked on his journey by chance while seeking a particular pitch. He soon discovered that discarded materials, such as metal pipes and automobile parts, could produce tones not available in traditional instruments. In his hands, ski-poles become wind chimes, silverware becomes bells, and keys become cascading ripples of sound. When not in his studio producing his next Grammy winning album, you can find Donald scouring junkyards and teaching young students about environmental issues.

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earthships use old tires and wate to make homes

Redefining Waste documentary trailer

Redefining Waste documentary is an ongoing series featuring people redefining waste from canners scouring the streets for redeemables; to engineers powering their breweries with waste water; to architects constructing homes out of tires.

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using social media to promote waste documentary webseries

new website and ready for action

Technology was a lot different back in 2009, don’t ya think? But now it’s 2012, and we are kicking off the new year with four NEW waste websidoes that are gonna rock your world. And thanks to social media, we are going to have some fun doing it. I just created this new website today¬† [...]

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