Cathedral of Junk

Final webisode with Vince — creator of Cathedral of Junk

It’s completed! The final webisode of Redefining Waste was uploaded last night. Back in 2008, we collected stories about people, communities, and organizations reusing waste in creative ways as we traveled across the country. Now, as 2013 comes to an end we finally wrapped up this webseries with Vince from Austin, Texas. This is one [...]

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how to make your own natural deordorant

How to make your own deodorant

I’m a sweaty person. It all started back in middle school when I discovered my sweat problem. I would wear baggy shirts so other kids couldn’t see my sweat stains! I remember thinking of inventing sweat pads. Remember the shoulder pads that used to be in women’s jackets and shirts back in the 80′s? Well [...]

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Can we live without plastic?

I just watched an incredible documentary called, “Bag It, Is Your Life To Plastic?” It’s not your typical doc film where the world is coming to an end. It’s about an average guy living in Golden, Colorado, that explores the subject: plastic. He comes home one day after purchasing a small yogurt from the grocery [...]

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how to make you own household cleaner

How to make homemade cleaners

Have you ever looked at the labels of household cleaners that you bought from the store? It’s pretty scary to see all the ingredients that can’t be pronounced. But don’t worry you don’t have to depend on buying expensive stuff to clean your home — you can make your own homemade cleaning products. The magic [...]

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green washing

Procter and Gamble: Green Wash or Green Biz?

Greenwashing, the act of using misleading marketing tactics that indicate environmental consciousness, is a growing problem in the advertising world. Due to the power and popularity of the environmental movement, more and more companies have begun to promote their products and services using false claims about ecological safety. How can we tell the difference between [...]

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Urban Farm Company of Colorado

Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture is exactly what it sounds like – the practice of farming in non-rural areas such as towns, villages, and even within large cities. But how does one plant crops without traditional acreage? Through raised-bed vegetable plots, roof gardens, and other urban-friendly planting mediums, sustainable food and healthy living can become integral parts of daily [...]

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how to live without ziploc bags

Is it possible to give up Ziploc bags?

Yesterday, I watched “No Impact Man” a documentary about a family that gave up a lot of stuff like no fast food, eating out, purchasing something brand new, electricity, elevators, subways, throw-away razors and focused on composting their scraps with a worm bin, creating zero trash, and eating all local foods for an entire year. Can [...]

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Mister ReUse

When Alex Eaves wanted to create a skateboarding ramp in his parents’ basement, he pieced together an old door, household scraps, and railroad ties to fashion a fully recycled structure. Growing up in a house full of trinkets and goods, Alex often played with paper towel rolls, made toys from boxes, and fashioned new objects [...]

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greenschools education about sustainability

Green Education

Are your childhood memories filled with images of the outdoors? Mine certainly are. Growing up in Colorado, I spent my youth hiking the expansive Rockies, swimming in clear blue lakes, and playing in fresh, powdery snow. The weatherman was our prophet and the mountains our master. But it wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I [...]

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Fighting for the Earth: A New Wave of Friendly Competitions Encourage Waste Reduction

How can we get people excited about reducing waste? This is a question that many environmental enthusiasts struggle to answer. While the importance of waste reduction, reuse, and recycling are critical to ecological sustainability, mobilizing the masses to make necessary lifestyle changes is easier said than done. In this day and age, encouragement and education [...]

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