Is it possible to give up Ziploc bags?

Yesterday, I watched “No Impact Man” a documentary about a family that gave up a lot of stuff like no fast food, eating out, purchasing something brand new, electricity, elevators, subways, throw-away razors and focused on¬†composting their scraps with a worm bin, creating zero trash, and eating all local foods for an entire year. Can you image? Seriously, can you think of not having all that to survive? This is not a hippie family but down to earth parents that are both professional writers (one works at Business Week) and live in NYC with their young daughter.

The question throughout this documentary focuses on, “Is it possible to have a good life without wasting so much?” I agree 100%. The less you have the happier you are. It took me almost 36 years to figure it out because I used to be a manic consumer, but I’ve changed — thanks to working on this documentary project and seeing for myself how much we waste as a society. I now only shop at Goodwill or consignment stores. If I need something, I will keep an eye out on Freecycle or add a post to my Facebook page to borrow it.

Back to the documentary, I realized that there is more I can do to reduce waste such as giving up Ziploc bags. I LOVE Ziploc bags because they are so handy for traveling, hiking, and store food well. But as you may know, the down side is once they are used and can’t be washed any more they go directly into the landfill. As of today, I’m going to stop using Ziploc bags! To help me with my new quest, I did the most naturally thing a social media geek would do — I tweeted and did a google search to look for support and ideas. I found an interesting blog by a mom who said that she just couldn’t do it — give up Ziploc bags. As I read through the comment section I noticed that followers we not supporting her “I can’t do this approach,” but instead were offering comments and suggestions to encourage her to give up the plastic little baggie.¬† Here is the blog entry, “Realistic Mom: We Simply Cannot Live Without Ziploc Bags,” check out these comments ….. and think about what’s something that you don’t necessary need and can help out the planet by reducing waste.

“No Impact Man” documentary trailer.





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