Can we live without plastic?

Look at all this plastic just from buying one container of yogurt (clip from the "Bag It" documentary)

I just watched an incredible documentary called, “Bag It, Is Your Life To Plastic?” It’s not your typical doc film where the world is coming to an end. It’s about an average guy living in Golden, Colorado, that explores the subject: plastic. He comes home one day after purchasing a small yogurt from the grocery store after he enjoys his yogurt, he notices all the plastic that tagged along with his purchase — a plastic spoon, a plastic bag, and a left over plastic yogurt container.

This made him thing about plastic and what we do with it. As a result, he embarks on a journey to find out why we use so much of it, where it comes from, and why the plastic industry spends millions of dollars every year to fight cities that want to ban plastic bags. Once of my favorite quotes, “Just because plastic isn’t disposable doesn’t mean it goes away after all where is away? There is no away. It sticks around for a long time.”

As the documentary goes more into detail about our use of plastic, I started to think about how plastic impacts my personal life on a daily basis. I tried to image a world without plastic and it’s just not possible, but a world with BPA free plastic is possible. What can I do to limit my plastic use and purchases that contain BPA chemical? Well, first step is stop using Ziploc bags (it’s not an easy task but doable), next tell people about the “Bag It” documentary and ask them if they know about BPA and all the other potential crazy chemicals that is used to make plastic stuff. Don’t be shy, spur up a conversation and make sure to listen to how other people feel.  And … finally go check out the “Bag It,” documentary website and see all the helpful tips and ideas under “Take Action!”



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