Media Kit

Why partner with us?
We are independent media makers like you and want to spread the word about our film. Let’s partner together by writing blog entries, tweeting, and cross promoting on Facebook, our personal websites, other social media platforms- you name it. We recently revamped our website with specific SEO keywords and blog entries that focus on green and sustainability themes. In addition, we rebranded our social media communities @redefiningwaste which have increased our traffic by 86%.

Our webisodes are specifically edited for online content and to be shared by passionate green audience members via social media platform by “one click” from our website. We also integrate a widget to have the ability to embed additional green webisodes, trailers, and other documentaries on our website under green partners.

Who are our target audiences?
Waste documentary officially launched in 2009. As a result, we have collected data using various analytic tools that illustrate the following information about our target audiences and markets to date.
Audience Summary: They are male and female, cultural and geographically diverse, and of all ages, from college students to retirees. 83% of our audiences retain information online, use share tools to spread the word about relevant information they emotional connect with or think is funny, are already actively involved in supporting green efforts locally in their community like planting gardens and donating to causes that focus on environmental issues.

Green Thinkers & Consumers
Our audience members are like-minded people that share ideas. They buy organic food, shop at natural food stores, plan eco-travel vacations, donate to environmental causes, and encourage friends and family members to support their favorite eco- friendly companies. Most importantly, they engage emotionally (in sales funnel) with companies that are labeled environmentally friendly.

Social Media Sponges
Individuals who are active members on social media platforms and use “share” buttons to spread the word about themes, products, topics, subjects that they are passionate about and think are funny. Seek and test new social media platforms to obtain new information about their interests. They want to be entertained while soaking up information that is relevant to their interests and passions. Overall, they are labeled “connectors” and “tastemakers” who have many social media followers and post funny and hipster content on their platforms to share with others because they want to make the world a better place.

Contact: Shantel Rizzotto shantelrizzotto[@]