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I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest the past couple of weeks and shocked how much I love it! If you are new to Pinterest you will soon find out why everyone is jumping on board. When you sign up you have to wait several weeks before you can set up your own account unless you have a friend send you a referral link. For me, Pinterest is more about surfing, discovering similar interests, and sharing ideas. Pinterest makes it very easy to tweet, post on Facebook, embed, and “repin.” When I got the green light to set up my profile, I decided to focus on waste not really knowing what to expect. Next, I created a pinboard titled, “redefining waste” then I started pinning. I discovered several cool ideas of people reusing waste in very creative ways. For example, the photo above of the man sitting by the curb reading the newspaper — yet he is the newspaper. I love this image because in my opinion it’s asking the viewer “why is that person covered in newspaper?” Check out more photos like this on the photographer’s website and start pinning today!

Are you addicted to Pinterest like me?

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