Artist at the Dump: Recology Program

We are so excited about our new webisodes about people redefining waste. While we were filming Paul Cesewski at the San Fran dump, I couldn’t believe the amount of good stuff that was thrown away. One of my favorite quotes from Paul while filming was about how being an artist at the dump has ruined his shopping experience. It’s true. I can relate to that. Working on this documentary project, I spent a lot of time at dumps and I’m still amazed what people throw away — good stuff that can be reused or at least take to a Goodwill!

We are thrilled to spread the word about Recology and their pure awesomeness. Recology is parent to companies providing all facets of resource recovery including collection, recycling, compost, transfer, and landfill operations. Recology is proud to be 100% employee-owned. Recycling is increasingly important to individuals and cities.

Did you know that — the Artist in Residence Program is central to San Francisco’s success in diverting 75 percent of the City’s waste away from landfill disposal and reaching zero waste by 2020.

More cool stuff about Paul – Tinkerer and kinetic artist extraordinaire, Paul Cesewski recreated an old-fashioned carnival midway at the dump as the artist-in-residence at Recology in 2008. The exhibition had an ambiance of a carnival and featured pedal powered marvels and games of amusement made from found and recycled materials. Cesewski harks back to a simpler and more innocent time. His motto,  “Fun is the universal language”, was obvious in the bicycle powered kinetic sculpture he created while at the dump.

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