fashion and waste = true love

While filming Waste? documentary webseries, I was shocked to discover the amount of clothes people throw away each year. Can you guess how much? Answer: the average American throws 54 pounds of clothes and shoes into the trash each year. That adds up to about 9 million tons of wearables that are sent into the waste stream, according to the Environmental Protection Agency — a 27% increase in a mere eight years. There are options besides throwing away that tattered sweater, wine-soaked blouse or out-of-fashion leisure suit. Charities, resale shops and even retailers can help. So STOP throwing away clothes and rethink, redefine, and reinvent waste. Check out these photos below from Pinterest of people and fashion designers using waste to create new clothes. Also check out this rockin’ article from Odd Stuff Magazine, creative but weird dresses made out of waste and other alternates showcasing tons of fashion ideas made out of waste. Love it!

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